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The NM HPWP is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides CONFIDENTIAL services statewide for health professionals struggling with:

  • substance use

  • mental health

  • physical health impairment

  • work-related burnout 

  • behavioral/professionalism issues

As a member of the Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP) we are tasked with a dual mission:

  1.  advocate for health professionals to receive the care they need while also maintaining their professional licenses, employment contracts, and insurance credentialling 

  2. protecting the public from health professionals who are impaired

NMHPWP staff are specially trained, licensed and qualified professionals providing assessment, referral, follow-up, treatment planning, case management and reporting, as well as community outreach, education, presentation and consultation to a variety of settings.


Our organization started in 1986 as the New Mexico Medical Society’s Physician Aid Committee (PAC). The following year, the New Mexico Legislature passed Senate Bill 309, the Impaired Health Provider Act (IHPA) . The IHPA created a system for both the licensing agency and the individual health professional to obtain assistance for potentially impairing conditions while simultaneously protecting the public. This act also allowed licensing entities use a portion of licensure fees for contracting with an organization to provide treatment, case management and advocacy for recovering health professionals.

Over the years HPWP has adapted to meet the evolving needs of the health care community. Today, we operate as an independent non-profit organization serving the needs of multiple professional licensing boards as well as individuals and employers.



As a non-profit organization, we rely on our amazing Board of Directors to provide program quality and fiscal oversight. Board Members are individuals from the healthcare field who have special interest and/or expertise in the services NMHPWP provides.  


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