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The program provides individual treatment planning and case management. Case management provides the participant, as well as any party the needed reports, with documentation of participation, progress or interventions, and status of program compliance and completion.


This provides documentation of participation and progress that can be used to support licensure, credentialing, malpractice insurance, and other areas of personal and professional needs.


NMHPWP was established to confidentially assist health professionals who have problems that can cause impairment in their ability to practice safely, for example: 

  • substance use disorders

  • mental health/stress/depression

  • physical health/neurological issues

  • workplace burnout

  • professionalism/behavioral concerns


Referrals to the program undergo assessment, participate in appropriate treatment, and case management to assure compliance with ongoing care.

For Individuals
For Employers


NM HPWP provides the services to employment/practice settings:

  • Self Referral (Volunteer): Any health professional can contact us directly and obtain information and services from HPWP. Our services are confidential and the majority of our volunteer participants are able to continue to practice without licensing board or employer involvement while enrolled in our program.

  • Board Referral: Health professionals can be required by their respective licensing agency to have an assessment by NM HPWP. This often occurs when problems are reveled during the licensing or renewal process. As a board referral NM HPWP provides assessment and treatment progress information to the respective board (with a signed release of information from you).

  • Employer Referral: Health professionals can be requested by their employer to undergo assessment and enrolment in NMHPWP as a condition of employment.  In these cases, HPWP provides assessment and treatment progress information to the employer (with a signed release of information from you).


Substance Use
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